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Have Delightful Wedding Catering Service with Kasturi Melbourne

Indians are traditionally vegetarians. Although a majority of them don’t mind a mixed diet, purists still adhere to a strict vegetarian diet. In order to cater every sort of guests that are entering the event, vegetarian food being served alongside regular food is a common sight during Indian weddings. As a leading provider of Indian wedding catering in Melbourne, if asked for, we’ll make the food arrangements likewise.

Nevertheless, your guests are going to love our food. It may remind them of home. The newlyweds will receive a lot of blessing and gifts.

Don’t have a place to throw a wedding of such a scale? No worries, Kasturi Indian restaurant Melbourne will arrange a place too, in addition to wedding catering in Melbourne

For the best function catering in Melbourne, call (03)9770 5338 or (03)9770 5505. Book well in advance. Being the only quality function catering in Frankton, we are often pre-booked.