Indian Food Catering in Frankston Melbourne

Indian Food Catering in Frankston Melbourne

A holiday in Mornington Peninsula is incomplete without the food you love or can’t live without. If you love local cuisine, then you would probably already having what you love. However, what when, what you love is exotic and a regional cuisine; you won’t be having many choices. An Indian group that live in the peninsula or is on a visit would obviously prefer Indian food catering Melbourne.

Kasturi Restaurant Frankston a best Indian Food Catering Melbourne

And when you have a large group to fed who largely prefers Indian food, you need a local provider of Indian food catering services in Frankston without a doubt. Fortunately, we have recently opened a new Indian restaurant in Frankston that offers food catering in Melbourne and the whole peninsula.

Together, with our sister restaurants, we have over 10 years’ experience in servicing the local community. We know Indian food is quite different from western. While western food relies on butter, fats, salts, ketchups and various types of meat, Indian food is more about spices, herbs, vegetables and pulses. An everyday Australian caterer can’t prepare Indian food properly, if at all. If you’re going to organise an event where Indian guests are certain, you must hire an Indian caterer unless you want to disappoint your guests.

Kasturi provides catering services in Frankston, and whole Mornington Peninsula. If you’re an Indian who’s looking for an Indian caterer in those areas, or a person who is hosting a party and expecting Indian guests, Kasturi Indian restaurant Melbourne should be your first choice.

For the best Indian catering in Frankston, call (03)9770 5338 or (03)9770 5505. Book well in advance. We are the only quality Indian food catering in Melbourne; we are often pre-booked.