Function Catering Frankston Melbourne

Kasturi Melbourne’s best Function Catering services for your Special Day!

Time travels faster than thoughts. Don’t spend that special day like any other day of the year. You must make it special. Believe me! Sitting on your couch, watching TV is not the best way to spend your wedding anniversary. I am not saying it may lead to divorce or something. But still, it’s your day let everybody know and don’t worry about the food arrangements. Kasturi’s function catering in Frankston, Melbourne will take care of those in Melbourne.

Try to make it big. What can be a better day to meet old friends and relatives than your birthday! Throw a birthday party, invite them over, and re-live those memories.

If you always wanted to celebrate every of your special days but was apprehensive about the pre-arrangements and overheads, put your concerns aside. Kasturi function catering in Melbourne will take care of those. Our pricing is transparent among Indian restaurants Melbourne.

For the best function catering in Melbourne, call (03)9770 5338 or (03)9770 5505. Book well in advance. Being the only quality function catering in Frankton, we are often pre-booked.