North Indian Catering

Everyone knows that in Melbourne, people love eating and experiment around to tasting a different kind of meals. Get indulged in the midst of tempting North Indian cuisines in Melbourne with us.

Kasturi Restaurant serves authentic North Indian food catering featuring traditional Northern specialities. At Kasturi, you will experience a traditional culinary culture of pure North Indian cooking. We are excited to cater your next event, whether it is a wedding reception or a birthday party. We know that connecting emotionally with people is the key to catering success and our chefs know how to find the way to impress your guests.

Give Your Event a Delicious Makeover With North Indian Catering

North Indian Food have its own pleasure, that you might be missing in Melbourne. But, as one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne, we are determined to bring the best of North Indian Dishes to every table. As a team of passionate chefs who lovingly hand-make each dish, we understand the importance of quality and taste, and also aims to provide the best quality foods at affordable prices for your any event.

As no weddings are the same. At Kasturi, we provide a customised services including wedding catering in Melbourne, function catering and birthday parties.

What Makes Our North Indian Food Catering Special?

Our North Indian catering service provides options for every taste bud. From dishes made of Shai paneer to buttery soft Chicken, we provide a range of dishes which can be served at your catering event. From appetisers to the main course, live counters to tandoor, our chefs come from all over North India to make these specialised dishes.

If you want to hire a reputable North Indian food caterer in Frankston, Melbourne, or maybe you are searching for function catering services, in any case, Kasturi the right choice for you.