South Indian Catering

Serving delicious food is the way, we show love to our clients. It’s not the only food we serve, it’s the experience.

Kasturi, a multi-award restaurant in Melbourne, providing South Indian Catering, that will sure to satisfy your taste buds. As one of the leading catering service provider, we aim to offer exceptional food. Kasturi, the Indian fusion restaurant is the choice of many while finding the simplest, savoury & spiced south Indian food that serves as the perfect guide to their guest’s palate. Our team of award-winning chefs are committed to showcasing their expertise in South Indian food Catering services in Melbourne by blending south Indian food culture and culinary expressions.

Mouth Watering Food With a Punch of India.

Kasturi is the finest Indian restaurant and is based in Frankston, Melbourne. We believe that preparing Indian food is an art. That is why we have spent much time and effort trying to perfect the skill of Indian cuisine. The result is, an exciting variety of authentic Indian dishes, that will live in the memory of your guests. Our modern contemporary restaurant provides the perfect setting for you to enjoy some of the finest cuisines that are worth to try. Feel free to order an Indian takeaway in Melbourne or choose to try our food at your own comfort and see for yourself, why our restaurant is unbeaten when it comes to ambience, service, quality and authentic Indian cooking!

Explore our Award Winning Indian Food Catering

At Kasturi, we offer the most authentic Indian food catering in Melbourne which has evolved over centuries to perfection. We are offering complete catering solutions for all your functions, party and event plans. Please give us a call to discuss pricing and availability. Come on, be a part of the exotic culinary journey to rediscover the true taste of India!