Kasturi Indian Takeaway in Melbourne

When it comes to where to have thy favourite food, everybody has individual choices. Whilst most of people in Melbourne love to dine-in, some don’t. Some prefer having their favourite at the comfort of their home from best Indian takeaway Melbourne area.

Kasturi Best Indian takeaway Melbourne

At Kasturi, we respect people’s choice and thus provide food takeaways in addition to dining at our Indian restaurant Melbourne . Takeaways are specially the way to go to when you’re running late and sitting at a restaurant is the last thing on your mind. All you want is to be home, have a quick meal, and go to bed. If this is the case, you can order a Kasturi takeaway over a phone call. Just before you hit the road, order a Kasturi Indian Takeaway in Melbourne and by the time you’ll arrive at our restaurant, everything you ordered will be ready to pick up.

Moreover, if we run out of table on one particular day and you don’t have the reservation, you can always ask us for a takeaway. The menu, the chefs, the taste, and everything else will remain the same.

For the best Indian takeaway Melbourne, call (03)9770 5338 or (03)9770 5505. Book well in advance. We are the only quality Indian takeaway in Frankton. Hence, we are often pre-booked.

Select Food Menu for Home Delivery Available

At Kasturi, we believe you should be able to place an order whenever you like and be sure you’re getting the quality you want. With Kasturi Indian Food–home delivery, you can be sure to laidback and take advantage of a professional service, which guarantees fresh food on time straight to your door.

We provide food home delivery in the adjoining suburbs.